Scientific dating of mahabharata war

Just like the laws of motion cannot be questioned, scientific evidence is incontrovertible.

This is among the rare instances where a historical fact has been established through scientific methods. So the Mahabharata was true, and since it mentions incidents from the Ramayana, then doesn’t it prove that Rama also existed?

A billion Hindus believe he did and an unbroken tradition of Rama worship has continued for thousands of years in India.

Rama is also a hero in Indonesia (despite it being a Muslim country), Thailand and in several other South East Asian countries.

Muller, who was in the pay of the East India Company, went so far as to describe the Vedas as childish poetry.

In her History of India, academician Romilla Thapar describes the celebrated Rig-Veda as “primitive animism”; the Mahabharata as the glorification of a “local feud” between two Aryan tribes; the Ramayana as “a description of local conflicts between the agriculturists of the Ganges Valley and the more primitive hunting and food-gathering societies of the Vindhyan region” (sic).

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