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Skills Needed: - Good Level of English in speaking and in writing - Windows Applications knowledge - Team Player - Graduates; min 5 years of Industry Education & Experience (combined) - Currently Enrolled students; min 2 years of Industry Education & Experience (combined) Skills Needed: We specialize in Tig & Mig Welding, repair, modification and balancing of steel and aluminum driveshaft assemblies and differential work. Hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday and are required. If none of these quite sound like you, by signing up as a tester, we’ll help match you to the right opportunities. These are just some of the kinds of people we are urgently searching for, to take part in projects starting soon.

Strong computer skills including intermediate MS Office skills, Internet research and past experience with database systems. Ability to work autonomously with focused direction, advocate for team approach, utilize strong organizational skills, listen well, problem solve in on-the-spot situations, remain calm and reassuring in unexpected situations.

Ability to work in an independent, organized, calm and reassuring manner using good boundaries and good judgment; to be reliable, dependable and flexible; and to accept supervision, suggestions and feedback.

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