Sedating cough

The homatropine was included in these medicines to try to prevent the dangerous effects of a hydrocodone overdose.

Hydrocodone, like other opioids, can create respiratory depression to the point of death if taken in excess.

If the child’s physician did not order sedation but you are concerned that your child may need it during the MRI, please alert the radiology scheduler.

The sedation physicians will determine the way the child will be sedated on the day of the MRI.

Since chlorpheniramine and hydrocodone both have sedative effects, these medicines should not be taken before or during activities that require alertness.

Prophylactic probiotics, zinc sulfate, nasal saline irrigation, and the herbal preparation Chizukit reduce the incidence of colds in children.The primary reason for a doctor to prescribe a cough medicine with hydrocodone is to alleviate the chronic coughing that can accompany lung cancer.Athough hydrocodone is a narcotic with significant adverse effects—and even potential for abuse—it is a valuable tool for improving quality of life.Doctors and nursing staff will administer the sedation medications.While the child is sedated and the MRI is taking place, he or she will be monitored constantly.

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