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Mingler's is a modern day, upscale, sexually charged, private "lifestyle" club where consenting adults come to mingle, dance and engage with each other.Mingler's allows its members the freedom to express themselves in the sexiest of attitudes and attire. Never guarantees or expectations, just a nice place to meet friendly people & go from there.

For information on class schedule and pricing please visit our website at This all-levels class incorporates breath, alignment, strength, flow, balance, self-observation and self-nurturing. at the Davie Pine Island Multipurpose Center, 3801 South Pine Island Road.

Reduced day fees & resort stays available on certain weekends or days. Mingler's Club is the first BYOB, on-premise lifestyle club in Brevard County.

Socializing is completely acceptable, but play areas are available.

Using the chair for support, the postures will be presented in a slow, clear and manageable way in order for the student to comfortably and confidently connect with the mind and body.

Enjoy all the benefits of a regular yoga practice in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

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