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People all around the world are taking on these jobs as a way to generate a social income. But it can step in and help out with some of the more non-expert tasks.The end result is that the experts are able to spend more time being experts.The kind of people who are committed to going out of their way to succeed in their work, and to help other Drifters improve over the long term (by helping them get better at what they do). Whether it's sales bonuses, trips for team MVPs, or the most "high-fives", we celebrate one another as much as possible.We also have a culture of transparency that we carry on with extraordinary alignment, executive reports, and automated stats for everyone.To do that, we need to both embrace tradition, and seek success that goes far beyond "the way we've always done things".

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Drift hires people who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

But for that last 40%, she’s not able to get it just right.

That’s okay when we’re just asking her to look up today’s forecast or to call home.

As for the other 40%, that’s when humans step in, taking on the cases that AI can’t understand and working to continually train and refine the technology.

So, human input is absolutely necessary for the technology to work the way we need it to.

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