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This article is a travel topic There is not very much information available on travelling with a criminal history, as most countries don't stop someone from entering because of an insignificant or antiquated criminal history and it is a non issue.However, a certain hyper-awareness exists about the issue in North America, as the US and Canada have an arrangement barring any border crossings by people with a criminal history.Any false statements could result in a lengthy or permanent bar to that country, particularly the USA or Canada.Other countries like the UK and its former possessions have a concept of "spent" convictions that do not have to be declared once the conditions for "spent convictions" are met, and that's about the only time you can get away with not answering truthfully.Although officials benefit from the "sovereignty" of not having their finding of the facts legally questioned, if you are denied a visa it is possible to seek a legal review of the decision if you believe the consular official misapplied the law.Yourself or your attorney may request the US Visa Office in Washington study the case and issue an Advisory Opinion on the inadmissibility finding.United Kingdom has a concept of "spent" conviction and immigration officers wishing to exclude or remove someone on the basis of criminal conviction must prove that the offence is not spent and therefore the person is not rehabilitated.A conviction is "spent" if more than 10 years has passed since imprisonment (if any) between 6 and 30 months.

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They do not have any concept of "spent" or "pardoned" convictions, meaning you must truthfully answer any questions about criminal convictions, even if your convictions have been spent or pardoned in your country.

For most countries that give the issue any concern, the relevant information can be found on the their immigration agency website.

Many countries do not "welcome" criminals for obvious reasons however, the amount of criminal history it takes to be refused entry into a country (or how long since your last convictions) varies radically from country to country.

The US conducts extensive security checks on all visa applicants.

US immigration law is extremely complex, and consular officials often issue decisions without time to fully consult the technical issues of a case, before pushing applicants to pursue a waiver.

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