Sex dating in balance rock california

I love the gonzo style where I just get down and dirty. Every shot takes 20 minutes, and you know she's not enjoying that.

It looks pretty, but from a performer standpoint, it's a different perspective. Gonzo is more like, they give you the gist, and whatever happens happens. In real life, you have passion and intimacy, and it's gentler, but overall on camera, I just expect and want a rougher sexual experience. As for things I won't do, I'm really not into pooping or peeing on people.

I'm not prejudiced, but I'm not interested in bisexual men, because men who are bi go back and forth from gay to straight [porn], and gay porn stars are not as frequently tested.

If they have body odor, I don't want to work with them.

They spend all their money, and then their parents want them back home because they're a hot mess. If it's a fresh test, we can do it without a condom sometimes.

Or they don't like it as much as they thought, or the company doesn't want them anymore. Sometimes I am completely shaved and sometimes I have a landing strip. I have a membership to a health club where I have a personal trainer.

Men normally last longer in the biz if they're a good performer.You need to have it all these days, because there are a lot less companies than there used to be. I couldn't do my second anal scene because I was too sore. I have three workout sessions a week with my trainer and also do cardio on the treadmill. I have juicer that I mix my fruit and supplements into shakes.I've seen directors do some negative things to girls, especially new girls. For instance, shooting anal when the girl was only booked to do a boy-girl scene. So he sent me to a bus station in Miami in a cab, even though there weren't any more buses. But I wasn't going to let one person ruin it for me. I try to lay off the soda and try to drink plenty of water. I want to date a guy who has his own life and wants me for who I am and not just the porn star.As for mastering your role in the industry, as a girl, it's called living and learning. You find out who you can trust and want to work with.It's amazing to see how much new talent is only around for three to six months and you never hear of them again. They're making a lot of money at once, and a lot of people thrive on those weak girls.

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