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Pews, a piano, and a pulpit were all purchased for approx¬ imately 0.00.

All of the ministers worked at other jobs in order to support their families. Dora Cross, Cora Cross with child (Beulah), Jane Allen and Hiram Peter Mills. ), Grace Kester, Blanche Mills, Ella Cross, Ethel Cross, (?

In 19, the upper level of the sanctuary was extended to cover the new basement.

In 1986, a full basement, located directly behind the original sanctuary, was added.

In the early 1980s, a foyer was added and the church’s front entrance was extensively land¬ scaped.

Throughout the years, there have been renovations and additions to the building.

The building was small, but for a period of time it was able to house the fledgling congregation. Future construction plans include a separate build¬ ing behind the church to conduct teaching semi¬ nars and minister to the needs of the poor. H., Ray, Ettie, Clark and Nellie Stallings; Jacob and Mary Brown; Eva Franklin; Lillie and Nellie Hartley; Tillie Miihlbach; Alice Pepper; Julia Coen; Elizabeth and Dora Holliday; John and Hester Karr; Alice Skinner; Nellie, James and S. Williams; Lethie Skinner, Inez Moore and Vaddie Smith. Pioneer families of Ripley had become Meth¬ odist through the influence of Circuit Riding Missionaries of the Methodist church and had built a House of Worship dedicated to the Methodist Church, South, on a street which came to be known as Church Street. Presently, the facilities provide over 5000 square feet of space. However, the events of eternal significance are fully known only by God and are recorded in heaven. In 1986, the building was purchased from the United Methodist Church Conference (the E. The Otterbein Memorial Cemetery Corporation now has a Board of Trustees that is responsible for the upkeep of the church building and cemetery. This history has provided one with some facts and figures related to events at Open Bible Church. Also called Watts Chapel, it was located about four miles from Medina, in Grant District, near the Little Sandy Road. After singing the hymn “The Crowning Day,” the house was solemnly given to God. Let us thank God and take courage.” Those who were instru¬ mental in building the church were Sayres, Staats, Hunts, Crows, Stewarts, Harpolds, Mc Kowns, Norrises, Witherows, Greers, Kings, Mc Intyres, Castos and Cunninghams. and Methodists having joined denominations in 1969) by friends and community residents who repaired the building to its present condition.

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