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He also wrapped an item around her neck and strangled her for about five minutes," records state.

The woman told police that Deavers handed her a kitchen knife and told her to cut her own throat. Woods, was arrested Sunday night and booked into Metro Corrections facing multiple charges, including; murder, assault, fleeing or evading police, trafficking a controlled substance, wanton endangerment, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, driving on a DUI suspended license, operating on a suspended or revoked license, possession of drug paraphernalia, and failure to maintain insurance.

Police said they were conducting a welfare check on the woman, after receiving a tip, home when they found her March 17 on the floor, wrapped in blankets next to her bed.

She told police that Deavers had been beating her for several months. "She reported that Rodney hit her 10-15 times (on March 17) with a green broomstick.

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, 62, was killed by blunt force trauma in a home-invasion robbery at her East 59th Street home in Panama Park. Her stolen car was recovered two days later in the 3800 block of Notter Avenue off Golfair Boulevard, and Lt.According to the arrest report, Woods had been in a verbal argument with the mother of his child.During that argument, Woods "pushed the victim and punched her on the face multiple times causing pain and visible injuries." Woods then displayed a handgun and struck the victim with it on the left hand.The report noted that "as bystanders attempted to stop the assault, Woods fired multiple shots from his handgun before fleeing the scene in a vehicle." The crash happened not long after that as Rodman was attempting to join a pursuit of Woods who was driving a 2001 Lexus, struck Rodman's police cruiser as he was trying to make a left turn at a green light at 26th and Duncan, causing the car to burst into flames.Rodman was trapped inside the vehicle until being removed and taken to the hospital in critical condition. UK: (Black) Burglars flew to Dubai after torturing (White) victims A husband and wife were tied up by burglars who poured boiling water over their heads and threatened to chop off his ears and her fingers, a court has heard.

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