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Many found jobs as doctors, clerks, merchants or manufacturers.

Many chose the army just as the police was to provide a focus in the 20th century. Highlanders found employment in what may be called managerial/professional jobs such as brokers, cashiers to banks, and within the army and navy, and were also commonly employed as shopkeepers, innkeepers and in a range of skilled or semi-skilled manual tasks such as printing, coopering, masonry, tailoring and, of a textile workers.

Many of these Societies, which changed their functions to match the changing times, played their part in the history of shinty in the city.

‘A few Highland gentlemen’ had decided to settle in Glasgow by the early 1700s.

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St Columba’s Church, post-1843, played a crucial role in the social fabric of the developing city.A church had been opened in Queen Street in 1767, in which the services were conducted in Gaelic, and the first Gaelic Church, at Ingram Street, was built in 1783, following on the work of the Gaelic Chapel Society of Glasgow.By 1792, the “spirit of Emigration” among Highlanders was described as “an alarming height.” Much of the Highland population attracted to the city and its environs at the end of the eighteenth century had been attracted by the developing manufacturing industry.Thus they followed a route carefully and energetically explored by numerous societies before them.By then, societies had been representing Highlanders’ interests in “Glaschu mòr nam bùth” (Big Glasgow of the shops) for over 150 years.

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