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🤓 BUT, may safety measures pa rin ha when it comes to this. Words we sometimes use in queer culture in flirty jest or actual identification.

Know what you should do to still be able to protect your privacy while having safe and fun sex on tape! 🏳️‍🌈 Pero ano nga ba ang kasaysayan at bigat nito sa ilang dekada ng patuloy na pagbabago sa kwentong pagkakakilanlan ng sangkabaklaan? The Kudazzers gets real about swiping your v-card and going past the point of no sex return, as we dive into the awkward realities of first-time sex, the impact of sex education, and the importance of foreplay. May issues pa ba na mas malaki kaysa sa gulo na ito, more important than what we think it is?

😭 Hirap no’n, ‘di niya man lang nalaman na mahal mo siya. 💔 Makinig na’t magcrylalu with them, chekaaa Nakakabitin ba ang last kudette namin? Your resident Gen Zzzz are here to give you a lecture as they, ironically, also self-assess themselves on this habit.

Listen as they talk about when you should and shouldn’t take out your phones during a hangout or a date! Join Iris and Natalie as they give you a brief introduction about what Bayawak means, how afam dating works, and what the whole Bayawak experience could be like! Kung bitin ka dito, this will not be the last one you will hear this kuda! Join Iris and Martin as they discuss on one of the taboo topics in the Philippines -- POLYAMORY.

Wag ninyong gawing excuse ang polyamory para mag-cheat, mga pota kayo! 😂 Ingrid and Martin ask Iris, Natalie, and Eudes to define new lexical terms or dating slang in today’s online dating scene. Makibaka with this kuda as Natalie, Eudes, and Martin discuss about the gravity of YOUR votes especially in today’s society.

Is there really such a thing as “valid” ghosting, mga kapitbahay? Join them as they learn about these unfamiliar terms, that apparently, the generation Z utilizes OR actually does but do not necessarily know the exact words for it. Learn the basic information on how to be a registered voter and know how to become an informed one. Another serious kuda with Iris, Natalie, and Eudes.

😁 We all have been fun most of the time and yes, we have shared personal experiences that may have also made you emotional.😉😁 This is not what you think it is, mga kapitbahay naming potassium!😂 Coincidence lang talaga na nagpaparamdam ulit mga nang-ghost sa’tin this month but it’s actually the Chinese’ Ghost Month. Wag matutulog nang nakaharap ang iyong mga paa sa salamin...🤣 Makikuda with Iris, Natalie, and Martin as they enlighten you on one of the biggest questions -- does SIZE matter?🤭🤔 You’ll also find out what their standard of “malaki” is, what’s the truth behind the “lumuluwag” myth, AND what does “maburap“ mean.

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