Shalom jewish dating freands ukrraine

In May 1926 in Paris Shalom Schwarzbard assassinated the exiled Ukrainian leader, Symon Petliura, whom Shalom Schwarzbard held responsible for pogroms against Jews in the years 1918-1920.

Both Shalom Schwarzbard and Symon Petliura immediately became public symbols.A great number of publicly recognized personalities, such as Henri Bergson, Romain Rolland, Albert Einstein, and Alexander Kerensky volunteered to testify on Shalom Schwarzbard's behalf, and the former Prime Minister of Hungary Mihaly Károlyi prepared an analysis of the Jewish problem in Central and Eastern Europe for the defense.In the end, the court acquitted Shalom Schwarzbard, who was released from the prison after almost a year and half.Shortly thereafter, Shalom Schwarzbard left Russia. He travelled through Lemberg (Lwów, now L'viv, Ukraine), Budapest, Vienna, Italy, and ended up in Paris, France in 1910, where he worked at various watchmaker workshops.After the outbreak of the First World War, Shalom Schwarzbard joined the French Foreign Legion.

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