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Most women are insecure about different parts of their body and even though you might think that she is beautiful, she will definitely have some things about her body that she is insecure about.

The more confident you can make a woman feel about the attractiveness of her physical appearance to you, the easier she will escalate to sex with you and the more excited she will when having sex.

When you smile and say something like, she will smile and feel excited that she has finally met a guy who understands what is really going on.

Some guys make the mistake of putting way too much energy and effort into trying to impress a woman by being nice, gentlemanly and building up as much of a connection with her as they can.

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Your words can be used as foreplay to switch a woman on and get her in the mood for kissing and sex with you.

Pretty much all women have to hide the sexual side of themselves because if they show it to others, most people will think she is slutty and of bad character.

The majority of women that you meet will hide their sexual side and pretend to be an innocent virgin type of woman.

For example: If you tell her that you couldn’t keep your eyes off her butt, she will feel really excited when you’re giving it to her from behind or in the spoon position.

Women love the feeling of anticipation, which is essentially about the emotion of not knowing know what is going to happen.

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