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SINGAPORE - Four pictures of a faceless, naked torso from different angles and one photo of raw salmon sushi. What is this faceless salmon-loving man trying to say? As a teenager, I naively imagined that my adulthood dating life would be like that of Carrie Bradshaw - the protagonist of Sex And The City (1998-2004), who, along with her branded heels, met men everywhere - including once at her therapist's office. Then there is Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) - which shows users only profiles curated to their background and preferences. The location-based app seemed romantic, until I realised my workplace is more Toa Payoh than Telok Ayer - where kopitiam uncles outnumber bachelors. Then after a few cheesy pick-up lines ("That superlike was accidental, for you, it should have been an ultralike! Pondering these questions on the 7pm commute home - I couldn't help but wonder why am I, or why is anyone, even using dating apps? But that usually comes off a little desperate and is thus used sparingly.If the American dream is a white picket fence, the Singaporean ideal seems to go a little like this: Marry the man you meet in university, get a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat and upgrade it to a condominium in five years.As much as I cherish my solo dinners, movies and vacations, I still sometimes wish I lived that narrative.

The service is currently free and could be a bid to retain Facebook's younger-user base, with users under 30 years old turning increasingly to other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

How good it must feel, for one's romantic life to come to fruition.

But it is foolish to settle for settling's sake, for the fear of being alone and most of all for a BTO. Not because of the proverbial fish in the sea but because I have yet to meet someone I want to have, hold, change and grow with. But before that person crosses my path by way of divine intervention or some Silicon Valley algorithm, I will remain single, and hopefully fabulous.

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Users of Facebook Dating - housed within the Facebook mobile app - have to create a separate profile and will be matched only with other users who have opted in.

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