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Sandra once stated that Tate chased her like a dog and then dumped her and described it as the greatest love of her life.

These comments contradicts the rape story and thus, it is considered to be a rumor. Tate filed for the separation stating irreconcilable differences as the reason.

The pair have three children together, daughter Lavinia, four, and twin boys James and Andrew.

Tamara, 33, and Jay - who are parents to three-year-old daughter Sofia - have been a strong support for Petra throughout her divorce.

They both got engaged and three years later, they broke up the engagement.He has not started any serious dating after his separation from his wife, Corinee.Tate and Jennifer Aniston were dating when she was at the peak of ‘FRIENDS’. There were rumors about their wedding and Aniston called Donovan as the perfect guy.He paid Corinee, 55 thousand dollars as a one time payment. Tate got to keep the house and other possession and denied the rights of Corinne for further financial support.This was a very easy and simple separation settlement. There were no rumors about any secret affairs or extra-marital boyfriends.

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