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Make sure to tick the Live updating box in each case so the playlist changes with your listening history.This playlist requires some preparation on your part — namely that your favourite songs are stamped with a four or five-star rating.So, if you've modified your metadata for your needs, you may not want to do this.1. All content is copyright of their respective owners.Recreated smart playlists on Mac (with different names, for the third time).Including the random one which just has 2 rules: kind is music, unplayed is not within the last 7 days.That is, it's syncing some (but only some) songs that are not marked as "music" and are not checked songs in the library.It appears to be limited to: one album, a handful of other random songs, and one track from an audiobook that I can't seem to get rid of, even with deleting it from i Tunes.

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), music in the library on the Mini that shouldn't be syncing or be in the smart playlist on the phone began syncing to the i Phone.I have tried letting the songs play, hoping they'll fall off the playlist. I'm willing to do drastic measures because these are tracks I really don't like - at all. Yes, the list is set to live updating and to match all rules. I tried different syncing options: removing the offending playlists from the sync, removing *all* music from syncing, lots of swearing.So, naturally, they seem to pop up a couple of times a day while listening. I think I'm going to try removing all the music from the phone, deleting all the playlists in i Tunes, rebooting everything, recreate the playlists, and then sync everything to the phone. Finally ended up doing a local backup, restore as new phone, restore backup and re sync.That, in the last week, has proliferated to happening several times a day. They have not shown up in any of my playlists so far.11. Finished syncing and things have been great since then.Various songs, various artists/albums, various playlists. Music appears fine and plays completely in i Tunes on the Mac. Even though I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I may have fixed this entire mess without having to setup the i Phone as a new device. Shuffle/random playback is better (previously, it seemed to really only cycle through about 100 songs out of 2,000). Not sure where things went whacky with the library.

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