Sophomore girl dating freshman boy college

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Without much hesitation, University of Massachusetts Amherst freshmen Peter Sullivan and Ali Hagenburg said that they did not want a relationship their first year of college.

They also did not think other guys and girls their age wanted a relationship either.

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As this school year comes to an end, freshmen and seniors have different priorities and decisions to make, one of them pertaining to the romantic relationships in their lives.“What a lot report is that they don’t particularly like it and they wish that it were different, but they feel that they have to put up with it,” said Tomaskovic-Devey.“A lot of them also believe that this is the way relationships start now, so if they want to be in a relationship, the way to do it is to be casual in the beginning.“Just because I’m older, and I got to experience college being single,” said Sullivan.“I wouldn’t have been tied down and I’d have gotten to meet more people.” “It’s about the maturity level,” said Hagenburg.

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