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In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus.For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. See full summary » Benjamin Troubles is a tale of urban magic that follows Ben, an out of luck loser, who finds himself suddenly endowed with large sums of money due to a mysterious gift, a pair of magic jeans that produce 0 bills every hour.At the end of each hour, the audience learns whether the daters plan to see one another again.In the vague but haunting shadows of the apartment, a petrified young woman is almost certain that, in the dead of night, something is looking at her, piercing the wall with a steadfast and unquiet stare. Bellifer a scientific genius, who after years of smashing particles together, reveals his revolutionary new product: a cream with the power to fix all of the world's problems. Perpetually single, the charming young recluse, Ava, is buried under heaps of magazines and books with tips on how to finally find love. A promising speed dating event in town may just as well provide a chance for a dreamy romantic liaison; however, the colourful parade of anonymous suitors is simply endless. Simple, delicate, amusing , touching portrait of a young woman looking for her Charming Prince.The company, which focuses on video content for mobile devices, was founded in 2016 by Elisabeth Murdoch, whose family controls Fox TV Stations parent 21st Century Fox., strangers trade phones to see what they discover about each other before deciding whether they want to pursue a first date.But then the girl goes missing and events spiral out of control from there .

The audience witnesses the fear, anxiety, squeamishness and excitement as the contestants get unrestricted access to each other’s phones.

On her 21st birthday, she's caught her boyfriend J. cheating on her with a bimbo that looks like a swizzle stick. See full summary » A dramedy about intimacy and relationship issues challenging a number of guests staying at a weekend resort and the complications that arise when alcohol is added to the mix. See full summary » George Lollar takes his family on vacation with "Club Sand", a shoddy and untrustworthy company.

On their tropical island, they find soldiers everywhere, an unhelpful staff, inhospitable ...

The Fox station group introduced the limited summer-run model for testing new syndicated show prospects.

Success stories to come out of the initiative are talkers TV series will be produced by Vertical Networks.

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