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“It was useful to hear what makes an agent’s ears perk up,” Batcheller said.

“It was also useful to hear how to get a pitch through to an agent, and that [my book] is something Erin would be interested in when it’s complete.” Ben Rader, also a second-year fiction MFA candidate, said the event helped ease some of his concerns about pursuing publication.

Stein is working on a book called “Capital Cider” about how cider making is tied to the history of America.

“I’ll revise the proposal and follow up on Jeff’s suggestions so that I can have a sellable manuscript.” Second-year MFA candidate Sarah Batcheller spoke with Harris about her thesis, a novel about three generations of Chinese American women in the United States.Here again, I welcome the continued use of this technique as part of the matching process, but rankle at the use of the term “speed mentoring” to describe the activity.It may seem that I am making an argument of pure semantics.“It’s a fictional retelling of my own family’s heritage,” she said.Batcheller said Harris gave her advice on restructuring her book and on reconfiguring her query letter.

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