Stacie hall dating frankie delgado

Heidi embarked on a music career in 2007, eventually releasing her debut album — — in 2010.

The highlight of this endeavor has to be her heavily auto-tuned song, “Body Language,” which she performed at the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant.

We've heard Lo returned to reality TV after her two-year fight with LC ended.

We hear Jen Bunney was the culprit behind the drama, and we aren’t surprised in the least.

We watched for seasons as JB toyed with Audrina’s emotions and then later with Kristin. begging for a second chance, and Lauren gave in and received a lot of flack when she picked spending the summer with him over going with Teen Vogue to Paris.

In the final season Justin decided to pronounce his love for Audrina once and for all at her birthday party on the yacht, but she turned him down after too many failed attempts at romance. We know little of his whereabouts, but we’re pretty sure he works at Preme Hair in Costa Mesa, California. He left for a bit, but returned later in the series to propose to his girlfriend right in front of LC at a housewarming party. According to People magazine, he made amends with LC in August 2011, and the bad boy has been clean for more than a year.

Today LC is the best-selling author of the Heidi started out the show as a fresh-faced, fierce friend of Lauren Conrad with a bit of a work-ethic issue. We’re sure those jobs are easy to come by without a college degree.

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She stayed with the series through its final season.The show ended with everyone (including Spencer’s sister, Stephanie) agreeing to cut Speidi out of their lives.The couple was into crystal gazing and seemed to have fallen off the deep end in a major way.(At the time Brody was dating singer Avril Lavigne and Kristin was with a Jenner clan: He is the son of Bruce Jenner and Bruce’s ex-wife Linda Thompson.Brody refers to Kendall and Kylie Jenner as his sisters and regularly tweets photos with them.

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