Stephen colletti who is he dating now

She first floated into the public consciousness quite literally — on a pool raft, as the “Laguna Beach” first season narrator, Conrad, introduced the cast. Ratings exploded, bolstered by the Kristin-Stephen-Lauren triangle.

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Years later, she returned to spin off “The Hills” where she happily agreed on her tagline: “The Bitch Is Back.” Now, she’s the star and executive producer of “Very Cavallari,” which airs Sunday nights on E!

Merritt/Film Magic) After nearly 15 years of living in front of cameras, Cavallari is accustomed to criticism. I guess he’s kind of her boyfriend, but Stephen and I have been really close forever . “She was paving her own way.” Because reality TV was in its infancy, the students — and their parents — had no idea what they were getting into, or even what “editing” really meant.

Some is mild, such as last month when she posted a photo that jokingly called her pet chicken "dinner." Some is more severe — in 2014, she revealed in a TV interview that she and Cutler don't vaccinate their kids, alluding to the disproved idea that vaccinations can lead to autism. It forced me to then go and do even more research than I had done prior, and I’m even more confident in my decision now,” Cavallari said. Producer and “Hills” creator Adam Di Vello said they tried to prepare the cast, saying things like, “It’s going to be a much more amplified version of yourself.” “I remember my mom had some reservations about it being MTV, just because they didn’t have the best reputation necessarily,” Cavallari said.

Cavallari is open about how she faked everything from fights to relationships during her two years on “The Hills.” She had a blast, and was not the least bit deterred by MTV’s “Bitch Is Back” label. “Because those are all things that I am.” She had a much different plan for “Very Cavallari,” which debuted on E!

“At the end of the day, if a bitch means that I go after what I want, I speak my mind, and I’m not going to let people walk all over me, then call me a bitch. in July and has averaged 605,000 viewers a week, the majority in the coveted 18-to-49 demographic. on a short-lived talk show and red carpet coverage, was in talks for a long time about her own reality series.

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