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Why not give yourself the same advantage when choosing the person you want to share your life with?

You can draw toward you the partner, and the relationship, you desire by clarifying what’s important to you and making the best choices possible. Now, let’s throw away your written or mental list of your partner’s “ideal” qualities.

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However, no matter how much we might like to believe otherwise, we can never change another person. So, before giving into the “little voice,” first ask yourself if you don’t deserve more.

If you find yourself struggling to create your “must-have” list, this in itself is an indicator of why you’re having difficulties creating a fulfilling relationship.

How about a tri-athlete who never complains about housework, has a great sense of humor, an IQ of 150, loves dogs, speaks four languages, and brings in a six-figure income? Only then can you attract the walking, talking, real-life human being you want into your life.

Next, make a list of your top ten “must-haves” in a relationship.

I’ll be happy to help you explore your relationship values and work with you to create your unique vision of a happy and fulfilling relationship.You won’t find an ideal out there, but you can find a real human being who will make you happy – when he or she is treated well, understood, loved, and appreciated.I know this exercise may seem simple at first glance, but give it a try.Perhaps it’s because, like many of us, you haven’t realized that you need to be clear and specific about what you want before you can make the best choices.When you order food from a menu, you know you need to specify what kind of salad dressing you’d like or how you want your steak cooked. When you get clear about what you desire, you open the way for it to come to you.

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