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Sound is a powerful force in organizing space; it is sound not visuals that mark dramatic shifts from one world to another in non-linear ways.

Sound is capable of simultaneity and non-linearity.

School will act as a pilot for future learning environments, informed by and informing the architecture and installations of its own space.

Research questions will focus on creating public interfaces and manuals that support adaptation and learning to meet the demands of a changing environment.

As soon as the integration completed you will be able to provide this new service to all your visitors and customers.

Furthermore, as the number of participant nations increases the fixed number of pavilions turns the desperate rental search by “non-owning pavilion countries” into an astonishing temporary real estate market for Venetians.

School is a learning environment that sets up a cross-disciplinary dialogue to challenge conventional concepts of territory with aims to reorganize identities and realities and to envision the role of the immaterial in architecture, art, and nature.

It surrounds and immerses us, but above all, it resonates, allowing things to respond to each other.

Acoustic vibrations resonate inside the body, creating different emotions, pleasures or fears.

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