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Adjacent to the kitchen was a new room called the "Chill Out Room".As an official rule, no more than three housemates were allowed in the room at a time.The housemates could supplement this with milk and eggs supplied from the farm yard and herbs and mushrooms from the herb garden.For the first time Big Brother Australia featured a telephone in the house.White Room housemates were provided with a white porridge which fulfilled all nutritional needs. At any time, a housemate could press the red button if they wished to leave.This decision to leave was final and the quitting housemate could not return to the Big Brother House or the White Room.

One hundred codes gave the opportunity to audition for the BB season after it began.Of these people, one would become a housemate and be eligible to win the season and all prizes.Later they were informed that they could earn prize money by completing various tasks (similar to that of The Mole).It provided a quiet place to talk or relax, away from the rest of the housemates.On 23 April 2007, the four remaining wild-card housemates not selected to enter the House via the public vote on Days 1 and 2 were isolated in the "White Room".

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