Symantec endpoint protection clients not updating from sepm

If you run on the server does it download anything?

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It worked perfectly on my laptop but that's not a suitable location for it.

So, the only solution was to reinstall version 10, which is once again working perfectly.

The reason I wanted you to try live update on the client computer is so we can identify if the client is being managed or not. Since you can send instructions to the clients, obviously the clients are being managed.

After you reinstalled the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager software did you rebuild the client install package?

symantec endpoint protection clients not updating from sepm-3

I found this in a Symantec article: Verify that the SEPM content is updated: a.

Hey all, I recently upgraded to SEPM 12.1RU5 - since then, SEPM hasn't been receiving updates from the desktop clients.

Currently, SEPM is reporting all of my machines definitions are out of date (reflecting November 26th) - however if I go to the local machines, the definitions are updated daily as per the settings.

It just seems as though Live Update is storing the updates in one place and the clients (manager?

) are looking for them somewhere else, hence there never being any new updates!?

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