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Still, marriage to this much younger woman — “You know, as they say, ‘If she dies, she dies’” — isn’t a priority, though Taylor said her girlfriend has brought it up in passing and admitted that, done privately, it could be a wonderful, symbolic thing to do.

Seriously, don’t expect her to make a big deal about it if she does tie the knot. Ridiculous.”The interview is a good listen, incidentally, if only to hear the genteel way she spits out that one word. Follow Christie D’Zurilla on Twitter @the CDZ and Google .

Cole appeared in Ryan Cabrera's True music video, Bullet for My Valentine's video for "Tears Don't Fall" and Papa Roach's video for "Scars".

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I had stayed very solo.”At an early age, perhaps influenced by her parents’ relationship, Taylor had decided marriage wasn’t for her.

She impressed the judges with her performance and that won her the role.

However, Summerland was cancelled in 2005 after just 2 seasons.

The actress also had recurring roles in the series The model-turned-actress is currently unmarried.

However, there aren’t many details about her private life in the public domain.

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