Taylor swift needs to stop dating

The 22-year-old revealed in a recent interview that she has always been open with her love life and anyone who dates her will have to just have to accept that part of her"If a man dates me, he's kind of signing a waiver saying he's cool with me writing songs about him.I write songs about my life: it’s not something I've kept secret and pretty much everyone knows that, so no, I don’t worry that a new man will get upset about something I write," Taylor is qouted by Hollywoodlife as saying.Swift is apparently very well-acquainted with Alwyn’s family.

We don't like the idea of a woman shrinking for any man — and certainly not the man they're in a relationship with.

And yet it has taken on a life of its own, moving beyond the realm of fitness and careers and spreading its tentacles into relationships, boyfriends, bromances, pets, apartments, brunch, dinner, offices and life in general.

Well, it must star tweeted last night, presumably in response to the outpouring of admiration/envy over Swift and her squad.

And according to Taylor Swift Squad member Todrick Hall, she was recently in a relationship that really affected her signature poise.where he talked about how Swift's apparent unhappiness was showing in her posture. I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything, but she was dating someone — I never actually met this person — but I could just tell every time I would talk to her, she would hunch over," said Hall.

He continues, "'I was like, 'You cannot turn into Quasimodo for this guy.

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