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Oahu also is the most diverse and culturally different than other islands -- Such as the Bodhi Tree Meditation Center (Buddhist) and Chinatown in Waikiki.Then you have the most iconic surfing locations in the world in the North Shore (Sunset, Pipeline, Waimea Bay to the cute beach/surf town of Haleiwa Beach.) I hope that by now you've made all your reservations, Tierom, but if you're still reading...There is the trip to Hana and the Haleakala National Park which is a volcanic crater.Many enjoy the trip to Pail which has a lot of shops and a few very nice restaurants - it is up in the hills.Domestic Violence Action Center makes a difference in the lives of island families, children, marginalized communities across the State. We speak to the press about this complex, costly problem. We work with our community allies to reform the system. 10 days is kind of an awkward time for two islands; it might give you enough time on each to see highlights, but it's usually not as efficient cost-wise because condos usually discount stays of a week or longer.So while lots of folks would agree with Suzette about Oahu, most first time visitors still want to see Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and maybe hike Diamond Head. Enormous thank you to all for all your suggestions!

There are a lot of water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc.Looks like only 1 island now, and we are leaning towards Maui or Kauai, but perhaps a little more strongly towards Maui. There are distinct areas on Maui so you first have to decide where you want to be (Wailea, Kihei, Paia, Lahaina, Kaanapali, north of Kaanapali). Many options for your dates at very reasonable prices, across the streem from the Kamaole Beach parks, near shopping, restaurants, etc.: here are 2 bd/2bt https://com/vacation-rental...1-7a26a3d63f5e For car rental try them for my last trip to Kauai, got a nice Avis midsize.Any suggestions on hotels or places with kitchenettes, car rentals and places to see. Do you like local and funky (Paia - hippie/surfer vibe) or manicured (Kaanapali Beach resort)? Haven't been to Maui in a long time, but liked the area around Napili, West or South Maui is personal preference. As far as Maui - there are a number of nice larger type resorts that front onto beautiful beaches.2 adults, and 2 teens (12 yr old girl and 15 yr old boy). You're leaving a little over two weeks from now, and haven't yet booked flights, accommodations, and/or car rentals?We are looking at staying on two islands only, but will take your advice if this is too much to cover. Any accommodation suggestions (with kitchenettes), places to visit and beaches to visit? Every island has "places" and beaches to visit so you'll need to provide more info about lodging budgets and particular interests for more focused advice.

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