Terrell owens and kita williams dating

It also was shown on going–without him really being involved either.

Kita says that they just didn’t feel the need to include him on all the business aspects of it until they were sure it was going to happen.

If he wanted to know the day to day that’s a two way street.

What he won’t say is when we were filming season two, we had a conversation in a parking lot where we talked about coming up with a production company of our own. As it stands, the three former friends aren’t talking, but the ladies say they would love to sit down and work things out because, well, they love the big lug I guess.

There were other shows that we shopped for other people!

He wasn’t brought in because: A) It wasn’t about him, and B) he’s playing football.

Why bother him until it’s something we know is for certain?

The paperwork that VH1 legal has shows he is involved in the deal basically for nothing other than his association as our business partner.

We hope they can get it together, because it’s obvious that T. needs all the friends and support he can get out on these streets these days–and this is the perfect time for friends to be there!co-stars) Mo and Kita betrayed him and tried to shop around a reality TV of their own without his knowledge?While that may have sounded sad and harsh to us, Mo and Kita now say they weren’t tripping about that interview because Owens had his information backwards and confused.Chad did deny the claims, stating that “certain girls” were mad they got sent home and that he’s colorblind.Oddly enough, a look at the 17 finalists show only 3 black women.

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