Thailand dating trip report

) and read but didn’t answer several messages I sent, so I thought it is over. He can't be that busy at work that he doesn't have time to pick up the phone or read message in Line, after we talked about meeting again the previous day.

But then finally a reply, and I change my travel plans to go to see him in Phuket. Hugging and cuddling perfect as I like it, but sex so-so. He wrote to me on Grindr, and though not clearly my type, I agreed to meet because his profile looks interesting and he was in walking distance.

Good English, pleasant company, very affectionate, efficient communication.

Usually I’m picky but in this case facial skin impurities don’t matter. We got some time alone in the hotel, but sex was only so-so. M had to leave early in the morning, no time to say goodbye or ask for money.

In my first year of coming to Thailand, I considered every boy I met as a potential boyfriend, that’s about one boy per day.

Reflecting back, I spent several days with a boy, among other things to figure out other whether we could be boyfriends. In my second year, that decreased to one candidate per week, in my third year one per month.

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He spent the following months in Samui and Phuket (but we talked about me going to see him in his home province Ratchaburi!

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