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"'That's Not My Name' is my favorite song off the album.It was the second song that we wrote and the first time I actually felt like I had something to say.""Normally when you're miserable you do write good songs.It's a sad thing, but most bands will say that your emotions are a little more on the surface when you're miserable.

Their third album, Super Critical, was released on 27 October 2014.

There were already several bands called "Eskimo" but Jules, who wrote the lyrics, wanted his songs to tell good stories as if in a letter, hence "Dear Eskiimo" with the odd spelling of 'Eskimo" with two 'I"s to make it stand out.

Their first performance was as a support between two rock bands but it went well and they were signed up by Mercury Records at the end of 2004.

They formed a band called Dear Eskiimo (often misreported as Dead Eskimo) with a DJ friend Simon Templeman.

The name was intended to be as nomadic, tribal and independent as possible.

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