Tick dating older and wiser

Older women have friends, but they don’t need constant approval from them, and they definitely don’t need permission!

Compared to fresh 20 year olds, older women have better jobs, better apartments, and more money to spend.

It might seem like you two have everything in common from your political affiliations to your love of pancakes.

But how are you two going to pair up when she is deciding which IRA investment plan to follow and he is deciding what bar to go to tonight?

While there are certainly dramatic older women, most older women have their shit together.

They know what they want, what they expect, and aren’t afraid to tell you outright.

Younger men are a lot less likely to have baggage like ex wives and kids.

For an older woman who wants her freedom and to have fun, this can be important.

Their maturity also means they are a lot better and enjoying the moment instead of stressing over details.

Tired of listening to stupid conversations about what color skirt looks best with that purse?

Then an older woman will come as a breath of fresh air.

Apparently, men their own age just take them to boring restaurants and then back home to bed for bland sex, after which they immediately fall asleep without a round 2. Older women have experience and know what they like.

This translates into older women being better in bed.

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