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Considering that the toys originally retailed for somewhere in the neighborhood of to …

well, there’s your proof that it’s all about supply and demand.

As you might expect, most of the toys don’t sell for as much as the collectors probably hoped they would during the height of each one’s popularity — and although there are a number of absurdly high listings, I suspect, like Pamela, that they reflect their owners’ hopes for their value, rather than what people are actually willing to pay for them.

Still, though — the nostalgia is strong with these ones, so let’s take a look, shall?

(Well, not actually eighty million, but you get what I mean.) All that collecting appears to have been for naught, though, as most of them are only worth a few bucks nowadays: They’re probably about to get a makeover, by the way; Dream Works Animation, which purchased Trolls in 2013, has a 2016 musical film starring the fuzzy-haired creatures and the voice of Anna Kendrick due to hit cinemas in 2016.

In some sections of the Internet, this week has been one long, nonstop conversation about Aziz Ansari and consent.

That guy’s probably balding, too, as he hasn’t been in the spotlight for some time.

Generally compacts seem to run between : No longer quite so pocket-sized, today’s Polly Pocket sets run between .99 and .86.I cannot, for the life of me, explain my obsession with Treasure Trolls.I loved them, though, and had approximately eighty million of them.First-edition Furbies have suffered pretty much the same fate as Tamagotchis. I found e Bay listings for original Tickle Me Elmos in just about every price point possible; most of them seem to hover around the mark: But here's the thing: Can anyone explain to me why these things were so popular when they first debuted in 1996? but alas, I was always deemed too young to be allowed around its many robotic parts.I mean, I know I was many years out of the target demographic at the time… TR seems to have a respectable following on e Bay, with the majority of the listings for a well-kept bear hovering around 0 for an unboxed one: Be on the lookout for fakes, though; this one, for example, looks a little suspect.

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