Top 10 most intimidating animals

But more devastating is the tetrodotoxin it carries, a poison that not only makes it taste terrible, but is deadly to those fish or humans who make the mistake of trying to eat it.

The stuff is around 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide; one blowfish is capable of killing 30 adult humans.

“For species of cone snail that hunt fish it is important to have a very fast-acting and powerful venom, because otherwise fish can easily escape from such a slow-moving predator,” Ronald Jenner of the Natural History Museum in London told the BBC.

This scorpion is so lethal, it even has “death” in its name.

Recent studies have found that polar bears‘ aggression toward humans is growing, potentially due to climate change forcing them closer to the humans in their midst.These snakes deliver hemotoxin that disables blood clotting in their prey, opening its mouth to nearly 180 degrees to chomp its prey with its rear fangs.The poison causes tissue and organs to degenerate, leading to hemorrhaging and bleeding from every orifice.These ugly but hard-to-spot fish camouflage themselves as rocks on the ocean floor, snapping up their prey in their fast-moving jaws.Humans don’t have to worry about getting eaten—but we do have to worry about the poison.

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