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The pace of change in the security sector continues to accelerate.Axis itself was only formed in the mid-1980s, and created the world’s first network camera just 20 years ago.A state-sponsored surveillance program such as PRISM – which allows the United States National Security Agency to access personal online data from internet companies when a court allows – would likely cause uproar if implemented in Europe.

In addition, there is increasing evidence that nation states are undertaking sophisticated cyberattacks against other states, commercial and public organizations and critical infrastructure.

Europe is probably the world’s most sensitive region when it comes to concern for their personal data.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that it was the European Parliament that created the world’s most stringent regulations that define how personal data can be collected, processed, stored, shared and used, in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It’s been impossible to ignore the heightened focus on privacy over the past 12-months, particularly in relation to personal data.

What has also been striking is how the cultural and geographical differences in attitudes and approach have been highlighted, both positively and negatively.

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