Turtle from entourage dating

This is why Emmett has been called the real-life Turtle (played by Jerry Ferrara in the show and movie, which yes, did happen).For those of you who skipped anything and everything reports.Especially if the unwanted caller is Ari Gold asking you to keep your celeb pal relaxed since his new big movie is about to open theatrically.Too bad that in this case Eric would like to be left alone, seeing as he finally has a chance to go out with Emily.

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Turtle is as desperate as usual, while Vince and Eric are quite OK with Justine Chapin and Emily respectively.

In “A Decent Proposal,” Lala Kent announced she and “her man,” the long mythologized wealthy gentleman known for buying the SUR hostess luxury cars and other pricey treats, are living their most public lives at last.

“Now that his divorce has been finalized, we’re out there, we’re open, and I can finally say what his name is,” the 28-year-old giggles in a confessional interview.

Kristen also calls to confess to Eric that she might still harbor feelings for him.

Turtle resorts to desperate measures to get a date for their night of bowling, and it does not go unspoiled. My wife noticed that when Emily dropped off the fan mail at Vince's house that her hair was pulled up in the back which was a stark difference from the characters earlier appearances in E01 - E03 where her hair was cropped short.

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