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_7B2C8D76-06FC-4163-BB78-082473778415First of all: VERY IMPORTANT this is not my tactic.First contact I had with it was someone suggestion in one of the testing threads of the forum.Testing this with Chelmsford ATM and it's going pretty well considering my team is favourite for relegation and I've got a crap squad. Tells you little about the players needed to fit the system when they are named attacker one.I'm sitting seventh after seven games and i'll upload screens mid season assuming things go well. As well as the obvious fitness cheat levels of the players in the pics.These are the best using this test method: Attachment 1043048 Attachment 1043049 This must be some cheat tactic...Had a letter from the dwp last week ,my income support has gone day a little bit (85 new pence) . They said my carers allowance is going up by £2, i said it hasn't happened before ,they said it happened last year . I did my usual tactic test and it was by far the best one. 4-make no team talks (I'm in charge of team talks, but say nothing to avoid getting bad/good influence to the tactic). Atw/edit#gid=0 I have already tested with Watford, Stoke and Spurs.

Kpsia518 has been kind of an ambassador for the chinese and chicken wing tactics on the forum, and he has upload it on the chicken wings thread.But with all due apologies to him and to the author I'm afraid the tactic loses it's visibility among other tactics on that thread, and I think this is just too damn special to allow that to happen.This tactic is pure magic, you simply dominate almost every single match, and yes you still loose a few, but is due to bad luck or red cards. And now some feedback from other users: Top of the table on Jesseh's test league: geography publish list of names and codes for wards and LSOAs on their website at: a list of postcodes you will probably need to purchase a copy of the National Statistics Postcode Directory. You can contact them at [email protected] You can also contact the Nomis helpdesk directly on 01 or email [email protected] help us make better use of feedback received it is stored together with the IP address of your computer and your Nomis username (if you are logged in).

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