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In the suit, Morris Taylor "Buddy" Sheffield says he pitched Disney Channel executives the idea for a kids' show about a high school student who leads a secret life as a pop star.

A part of the song "Cant swallow our pride when neither of us wanna raise that cow..

Fire will boast six cuts, including "The Messenger," "Backdraft" and "Burn the Fleet"; Water will also contain six tunes, among them "Open Water," "Night Diving" and "Kings Upon the Main." Look for the discs to hit stores October 16.

A writer/producer who worked on "In Living Color" and created Nickelodeon's "Roundhouse" is suing the Walt Disney Company, claiming it stole his idea for "Hannah Montana," Reuters reports.

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Extras are needed for the video — those interested in auditioning can e-mail Watermann at [email protected] The track list for Thrice's upcoming LP The Alchemy Index: Vols.

Ben Kweller just squeezed out a new seven-track live EP, Ben Kweller: Live and Solo at the Artists Den, that was recorded December 13 at New York's Solo House.

The disc of rarely performed songs is available now at digital outlets.

You never really know what she’s like until you’ve met her in person.

Make sure not to invest anything in someone you don’t know and never send money to a girl you have only spoken to online which brings me to my next point.

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