Updating 2 prong 3 prong outlets Chatlibera porn

If your outlet was already grounded you’ll see a bare-copper or green wire coming from a single screw in the back of the electrical box to a green ground screw on the mounting bracket. Remember, hot wires go on the side with the short slot and neutral wires go on the side with the long slot.Make sure you follow which wires attach to which screws (top or bottom) for both neutral and hot.This model has been outdated for some time, and for good reason.

With that said, below are options for your electrical outlet.Merely replacing a two-prong outlet with a three-prong outlet is not enough however, as there is still no ground wire.With no ground wire in place, additional steps must be taken to keep your outlet safe and up to code.Without a ground wire, there is no protection from short circuits and high voltage.A ground wire allows high current to return safely to the ground and avoid serious damage and injury.

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