Updating capital reporting record

5.14.2 “Capital project preliminary design phase”: Includes activities for the evaluation and analysis of potential project alternatives.Based on analysis, the preferred alternative is selected and designed sufficiently to establish a project baseline.5.14.3 “Capital project final design phase”: A period during which design is completed, permits and other permissions are secured so that the project (or staged elements of the project consistent with the project management plan) can proceed to construction/implementation.The design phase also includes development of a cost estimate, plans, specifications and a bid package.5.2 “Amortization”: The systematic and rational allocation of the cost of intangible assets and leasehold improvements over the estimated useful life.5.3 “Ancillary charges”: Costs that are directly attributable to capital asset acquisition and are necessary to place the asset into service in its intended location and use.

The market tended to focus on transactions that were larger than million as angel- and seed-focused investing — which involve smaller checks than late-stage funding — saw a "sharp decline" in deals, according to the report.51 - Accounting and Financial Reporting for Intangible Assets , Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) 2008.4.11 Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Best Practices and Advisories 4.12 King County Human Resources Division HR Bulletin Number 2011-0008 – Report of Loss or Theft of King County Property 5.1 “Accumulated depreciation and accumulated amortization”: The cumulative portion of the cost of a capital asset that has been recognized as depreciation expense or amortization expense.Document Code No.: FIN 12-2 (AEP) Department/Issuing Agency: DES / FBOD / Financial Management Effective Date: August 1, 2012 Approved: /s/ Dow Constantine Type of Action: New Signed document (PDF, 1.24MB) To establish uniform accounting, policies and procedures for the County’s real and personal property to ensure control, accountability and accurate financial reporting and to establish departmental responsibility in the maintenance of the County’s capital asset system.3.0 4.1 RCW, Chapter , “County Commissioners” 4.2 RCW, Chapter 36.34, “County Property” 4.3 RCW, Chapter , “Personal Information – Notice of Security Breaches 4.4 RCW, Chapter , “Loss of Public Funds – Illegal Activity – Report to State Auditor’s Office 4.5 WAC 236-48-190 to WAC 236-48-197, Surplus Property” 4.6 King County Code 4.56, “Real and Personal Property” 4.7 King County Administrative Policies and Procedures: 4.7.1 CON 7-3-2 (AEO) – Delegation of Authority for Signing and Administering Contracts, Change Orders, Deeds, Leases, Amendments, and Other Instruments 4.7.2 CON 7-7-2 (AEP) – Procurement for Capital Projects 4.7.3 FES 10-1-1 (AEP) - Personal Property Inventory Management (revision pending) 4.7.4 FIN 12-1-1 (AEP) - Capitalization Thresholds for Capital Assets (not published) 4.7.5 FIN 12-3 (AEP) – Interest Capitalization Enterprise Fund Capital Assets (not published) 4.7.6 FIN 12-4 (AEP) – Financial Accounting and Reporting for County Roads and Bridges Infrastructure 4.8.1 GASB Concepts Statement No.

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