Updating drivers for vista home premium

If it boots normally then is the GPU driver or the GPU adapter itself, otherwise it is something else.It can be anything though, you are running a dated system and the operating system is end-of-life. You should move to Windows 7 to extend your system life span a bit.I installed the above driver (Version 296.10 - WHQL from 13 March 2012) but am still getting the error saying I have 1.1 and need to upgrade it, the Extensions Viewer still says 1.1 The extensions viewer says it’s gone far beyond the 2.0 that I require all the way to 4.5 or something.I want to find out of it’s possible to get this from Nvidia/Geforce but I’m just not finding the right thing on the site.You could also just keep using your current system if you are happy with it.However, keep in mind that Windows Vista, which was released in 2006, is approaching the end of its planned life cycle next year.The free Windows 10 upgrade is available only to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users until July 29.

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Buying a new PC with up-to-date hardware specifications and Windows 10 already installed (and then using a data-transfer program to move your files to the new computer) obviously costs more, but it provides many more years of Microsoft support and system updates.I have a similar problem to https://superuser.com/questions/458629/updating-opengl-to-2-0 except my windows is Vista not 7 When I got the Extension Viewer at said my version was 1.1 I need to upgrade to at least 2.0 to play a Steam game.I went to https:// and where I’m directed to since Nvidia makes Ge Force cards.The computer also needs 16 to 20 gigabytes of hard-drive space and a Direct X 9-compatible graphics card running the WDDM 1.0 driver software.If your hardware meets the requirements and you want to proceed, you also have to buy a copy of Windows 10, which costs 0 for the home version.

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