Updating esxi

Method of upgrading ESXi 6.0 to ESXi 6.5 may depend on the number of the ESXi hosts in the infrastructure.Upgrade ESXi host via ISO or Command line may suitable for the infrastructure with less number of ESXi host.) While in here, shut down the guest VMs on this host, and put the host into ‘‘.NOTE: If you are updating an HPE Server, there will be a gen-9 and a pre-gen-9 update bundle! Or, you can upload the bundle via SCP into the appropriate datastore, if you prefer. Below you can see me navigating to the Datastore; Enable SSH Access to VMware v Sphere ESXAnd there’s my offline bundle ready to be installed. Warning: You CANT deploy an ESXi image, thats OLDER than the Update Manager you are running, i.e.

updating esxi-73

We can also combine drivers and other softwares such as mutipathing softwares such as Powerpath in the baseline, once the hosts are upgraded.

To make use of new v Sphere features available with v Sphere 6.5, We need to upgrade the v Center server 6.0 to v Center server 6.5 and also Upgrade ESXi 6.0 to ESXi 6.5 along with the Virtual machine hardware upgrade & VMware Tools on the guest operating system.

There are multiple ways to upgrade ESXi 6.0 to ESXi 6.5 such as direct ISO image, upgrade via CLI (command Line) and upgrade via VMware Update Manager.

Click on Close Once the ESXi image is imported, Click on the ESXi 6.5 image and Select “Create Baseline” Specify the name for this ESXi host upgrade baseline. Newly created host upgrade baseline “ESXi 6.5 Upgrade” will start appearing under host baselines.

To minimize the number of screenshots, I have captured the GIF image to explain the procedures in single image.

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