Updating express gate

Here will our system design will be when we implement API Gateway on our services.Actually, there are few API Gateway providers out there, like Nginx Plus, Amazon API Gateway, IBM API Connect, and Microsoft Azure API Management.The API Gateway will reroute the incoming request to which service should handle it.On my Feed Services, I had three endpoints The target is when the frontend service sends the request to the API Gateway, the request will be rerouted to the which service should handle it.It’s really hard to get an upgrade on a Lufthansa flight when you’re flying out of Frankfurt, since it’s much more likely you will be up against the serious VIPs.

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Now I want to create my own API Gateway using Express JS.

Once you’re a frequent flier, your chances of getting an upgrade are much better.

The good seats are saved for elite members, so it helps to stick with an airline and work your way up.

Back on when we use microservices architecture, the main concept is separating each service.

After separating the services, now we have multiple services that deployed on the different host.

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