Updating firmware ipod

Go-tcha users who have updated to version 1.53.2 may have encountered an issue with the Auto Catch features.This problem is triggered if users update to version 11.1.2 or higher on their i OS device.Go-tcha is compatible with Phone® 5 / 5c / 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus devices with i OS Ver. Compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Ver. Below are the direct links for the i OS firmware updates that have been released for the i Pod Touch so far: Note: If you’re downloading the firmware files using Safari then ensure that auto unzip feature is disabled or use Chrome or Firefox.The charging animation will appear to confirm that the Go-tcha is charging.

If you have connected your Go-tcha please ensure that you eject the Go-tcha from within the Pokémon Go application and ensure that it is forgotten within the Bluetooth setting (from all phones and devices).Once the device has been disconnected please reset your Go-tcha by inserting and removing the Go-tcha from the charge cable in quick succession (10 times).Once the device has reset please try to pair the Go-tcha within the Pokémon Go application. Please note that if you use Safari you must disable the auto unzip feature. This page describes how to update firmware from an i OS device.

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