Updating from a higher level oe to a lower level

However, these managers do not work at the same level. Hierarchy of these managerial positions is called Levels of Management.The Top Level Management consists of the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).The Branch Managers are the head of a branch or local unit.The Junior Executives are Assistant Finance Managers, Assistant Purchase Managers, etc.module lower interface (a=0, [d3..d0]=7 - [z0..z7]) ; title 'example of lower-level interface statement ' ...This statement identifies input a, d3, d2, d1 and d0 with default values, and outputs z0 through z7.

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Connecting a lower-level tristate output to a higher-level pin results in the output enable being specified for the higher-level pin.

You do not have to declare all output pins as ports.

Any undeclared outputs become no-connects or redundant nodes.

To identify I/O ports in the lower-level source: You identify an ABEL-HDL source's input and output ports with an Interface declaration directly following the Module statement.

The Interface statement defines the ports in the lower-level source that are used by the top-level source.

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