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But, alas, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to do this — it doesn’t seem like events in subscribed-to calendars can trigger alarms in i Cal.

(If I’m wrong, please let me know.) One obvious solution would be an i Cal update that lets you specify on a per-calendar basis which calendars should be synced to Mobile Me.

(That Mac OS X only syncs i Cal events and Address Book contact entries every 15 minutes doesn’t strike me as much of a hindrance.) And, in contrast with using i Tunes for calendar syncing, the colors you associate with calendars in i Cal are accurately mirrored on the i Phone.

So, using Mobile Me solves of my significant complaints regarding calendaring syncing with i Phone OS 1.0: events sync over the air, and it provides full support for multiple calendars.

And unlike with i Tunes syncing, it correctly syncs calendar colors from i Cal. Too bad Mobile Me introduces several calendar syncing shortcomings.

The first is that Mobile Me syncing is all-or-nothing.

Mobile Me syncing and i Tunes syncing are mutually exclusive.

But given Apple’s traditional schedule for adding new features of any significance, it seems unlikely that an i Cal update like this would appear before Snow Leopard.I took advantage of this by creating a calendar on my Mac called, simply, “Mac Reminders”.I used this calendar for events which have alarms that I only want to appear on my Mac, not on my i Phone. Since all your calendars sync to Mobile Me, every event you create with an alarm message will appear as an alert on both your Mac and i Phone.i Tunes serves an essential role, that of the hub — one obvious place to go to manage everything that syncs to your i Pod or i Phone.The Mobile Me web site, perhaps, could serve as a hub.

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