Updating my verizon blackberry 8830 firmware

Be sure to get rid of the file when you are changing carriers. Ah yes, a new Blackberry from Verizon that promises to be a true “global” phone in that it has both GSM and CDMA radios.The phone has not locked up or frozen yet (unlike the Motorola Q or Treo’s I tested when they were first released).

This feature had been missing in all previous Blackberry devices/OS; the only way to get a spell checking feature to work involved installing the service on the BES or using a thirdparty application.Setting Up: The first thing you’ll notice when you get your BB8830 out of the box is how dang hard it is to open up the battery cover.I thought I was going to crush the screen trying to get the cover off the first time.One of the biggest perks to this phone versus most Verizon phones is the inclusion of a GSM radio (data and voice, quad band) and SIM card.This will allow the BB8830 to be used worldwide, hence the World Edition branding.

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