Updating old mame roms

In Split / Not Merged mode, each set Considering that the complete ROM set in Split / Merged mode for MAME 0.59 is stored in 4 GB, and taking into account this example, we can say that we are saving a couple of GB of space by not using the Split / Not Merged mode.

The only real drawback of merging is that the missing redundant ROMs in clone sets means loss of compatibility with other emulators.

If there was an independent file for each set, for MAME version 0.59 there would be a total of 3290 files (the number of sets for v0.59).

To reduce that number, ROMs of different sets of a game can be stored in a single file (the main set).

I'm not using Pi but most of my ROMS seems to be working fine, just wondering if they will crash at some point.

We must again manually perform the update by changing the name to the correct one (this has happened with some of the ROMs in the BIOS file).

In our example, the file would contain: In this example only one single file is removed.

When you take into consideration that some games have lots of different versions (for example, Pac-Man, Galaxian or Asteroids), we have reduced the number of files from 3290 down to around 1870 the number of games MAME supports (for version 0.59).

Storing the ROMs in Not Merged means that there will be unnecessary duplication of information, which just wastes storage space.

MAME can solve this problem by erasing the duplicated ROMs from each of the clone sets and storing them only in the main set There is one final method: Not Split.

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