Updating opensuse

This is because by default Yast Online Update (which is where the gui tools in gnome, and kde retrieve update information) only shows official software patches.

However, if you want to ensure that you have a stable and undisturbed desktop experience, there is certainly nothing wrong with limiting your updates to patches.In this post I will attempt to demonstrate the differences between each option and suggest when you may want to consider using each.In particular, I will try to explain the difference between a simple update and a patch, with emphasis on how to gather detailed information on particular patches.If you dig into the man pages for zypper, you will notice that zypper provides three distinct options for keeping your Open SUSE system up-to-date; update (up), patch, and dist-upgrade (dup).If you aren’t familiar with zypper see my previous post managing packages with zypper for more information.

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