Updating password mysql

This method involves editing and updating the Congrats!

You’ve successfully changed your Word Press password and regained the control over your Word Press admin, without even contacting your hosting provider.

Setting up My SQL password is one of the essential tasks.

By default, root user is My SQL admin account user.

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Data can be updated into My SQL tables by executing SQL UPDATE statement through PHP function mysql_query.

Note: Implement only one of the below given methods, either since both of these methods are similar and yield the same results.

Make sure you issue the command “flush privileges” whenever you change passwords so that the changed password is updated instantly.

If you request a “Forget Password”, the reset password link will be mailed to the new email, not to your email.

The result will be – you losing control over your Word Press-powered site.

Below is a simple example to update records into employee table.

To update a record in any table it is required to locate that record by using a conditional clause.

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